Monday, November 23, 2015

Intern Spotlight: Megan Wu

AIEF has been fortunate enough to have had hardworking dedicated interns work for us over the years. Our latest intern was no exception to this.  Megan Wu offered her time to AIEF starting this past summer. It wouldn’t be long before all of us at AIEF realized how much Megan would become an integral part of the team. That is why we want to share our appreciation for her efforts.

Aside from being an incredible intern for AIEF, Megan already has had much success outside of our office. Not only has Megan demonstrated her potential for future success through her amazing achievements academically, but she was recently voted Homecoming Queen at her high school. I guess we aren’t the only ones who think she is great.

Her ambition marries well with her ability to succeed. Megan hopes to take her studies to UCLA after she graduates high school next year. It is her plan to major in business due to the variety of career options that will be available to her (call it a hunch, but we think she will do just fine in business). To be a bit more specific she is interested in the marketing side of operations, but is eager to learn of all the possible opportunities business has to offer.

Being the social person she is, the type that attracts Homecoming Queen titles, she often spends her free time with friends and family exploring new things in the L.A. area or visiting siblings in college. She also has a knack for ice skating and indoor rock climbing.

So you may be wondering, what is it that she actually did at to help out AIEF. Megan was ready to help out the team every time she showed up, but most of her efforts were utilized for UScampus Guide. USCG is our magazine we publish bi-annually to help offer information and insight to students looking to come to the US. Our previous issue was the first to be a purely digital release. That meant not only were we sourcing the articles but we were going to have to design and edit the magazine as well. This is where Megan came in. Thanks to her amazing skill set she was the one to develop the design of the magazine and teach our colleagues how to do the same.

It’s safe to say Megan has been a huge help to AIEF. I can confidently say on behalf of everyone here that we thank her for all her efforts. We couldn’t have done it without you Megan!