Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Spring Fairs to Summer Programs

AIEF/KTF Dinner reception - Seoul

The Spring AIEF fairs have come and gone with success. Our affiliate team in Taipei held the first event on March 19th and 20th. About 20 US schools were represented and about 900 Taiwanese students attended the event looking to take their studies to the US. The following week the AIEF fairs in Korea kicked off in Busan on March 24th. Finally the fairs culminated at the large event in Seoul on March 26th and 27th. 38 US institutions were represented at the Seoul fair along with the U.S. Embassy and Fulbright Commission. US and AIEF representatives were treated to a swanky all you can eat/drink meal at the COEX by Mr. Lee and our organizing partners Korea Trade Fairs (KTF). It was much enjoyed to say the least. And as always the AIEF fairs were a great time.  
AIEF Summer Short Term Program - Stanford
  Now with the Spring 2016 fairs in the rear view mirror its time for AIEF to look towards the busy summer programs. We are kicking things off by ramping up efforts to bolster our short term programs. These programs offer students from all over the world the opportunity to experience the American education system while also having the opportunity to experience some of the sites and sounds of California. Our first group arrives next month!
 Along with the short term programs we have our annual HOBY WLC event coming up in July. This is always a big hit. AIEF will be hosting a number of students from China and Taiwan. The students will spend a week on the CSU Fullerton campus. The HOBY delegates will have a jam packed schedule including a number of guest speakers, leadership building activities, and visits to local tourist destinations.
This time of year is busy season for the AIEF staff, and we can all say we are looking forward to the fun ahead!