Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jam Packed July and the HOBY WLC

International Students and Fernando Rojas at CSUF
A couple weeks ago AIEF had the pleasure of hosting 70+ students from China and Taiwan for the first leg of the HOBY WLC. These students were specially selected to be HOBY delegates from their respective countries. The students had the opportunity to experience a little bit of US college life as they were housed for a week on the CSU, Fullerton campus.

The week was BUSY. From the moment they landed to taking off for Chicago the students were partaking in activates and listening to some wonderful guest speakers. Adrian Hightower seemed to be quite popular with the students. Dr. Hightower was a member of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the board of directors at Aid Africa.

Fernando Rojas was a big hit as well considering he is somewhat of a local celebrity now for making it into ALL 8 IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS! And of course we were honored to have our keynote speaker Michael Woo who was the first Asian American elected member of the Los Angles city council and current Dean of the College of Environmental Design at California State Polytechnic University.

Students Shopping at Ontario Mills Outlet
Aside from all the talks and listening the kids had a change to have some fun. During the week they headed to a favorite of the California locals, Santa Monica where they soaked up some sun. AIEF even gave them a little time to do some shopping over at Ontario Mills mall, which may or may not have been a good idea considering some of them couldn’t resist the temptation and may have over indulged. Some of their suitcases may be a little heavier returning home.

All in all it was a very fun week, and the kids did quite well considering the jet lag that plagued them most of the week. Here at AIEF we can safely say HOBY WLC 2015 was a success!

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