Friday, May 1, 2015

Busy as a Bee

The 2015 spring education fairs in Korea may have only passed a month ago, but things are already getting busy at the AIEF office. The AIEF team is setting up for a busy summer and fall schedule with a number of events in the works.

AIEF will be hosting a number of elite high school students who were chosen to be HOBY delegates from Taiwan and China. These students will arrive to the LA area mid July where they will spend a week at California State University Fullerton. The HOBY delegates will receive training and education in leadership by AIEF staff and special guest speakers. After that week the students along with AIEF staff will head to Chicago for HOBY’s annual World Leadership Conference (HOBY WLC).

In August another group of Chinese students will arrive in Southern California. This group will get a two week trip that will take them from sunny Southern California up the coast to the Golden Gate and beautiful San Francisco. The idea is to immerse these Chinese students into the English language while keeping them engaged in fun and exciting activities.

Not only is AIEF going to be kept busy with visitors from China and Taiwan, but AIEF is in the process of ramping up its fair portfolio. AIEF is looking to re-enter the Taiwan market fairs along with Brazil and Vietnam! It is our aim to have one if not all of these fairs up and ready for the fall recruiting season.

The AIEF team should have their hands full for the next few months. Stay tuned for updates!

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