Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Day at the Office

AIEF team
So you may have heard of us before or maybe you haven’t. The American International Education Foundation (AIEF) does a number of different things. To make things nice and simple AIEF helps facilitate the process of bringing international students to the education system. Sounds like an incredible duty, right? Yes it is, we know it is. AIEF would not be able to fill such an immense duty without the team behind the scenes or should I say family. From the day I had my interview to work here my boss made sure I understood that here at AIEF we are family. So who makes up AIEF’s kin, and what exactly do we do with our day at the office?

Let’s start with myself. My name is Max Frederick and I am a Marketing Specialist for AIEF. What exactly does a Specialist in Marketing do at the office? There are a few different tasks I cover. I am often on the phone chatting away. You can find my boss and I often having conversations or making jokes at the highest intellectual level (that was complete sarcasm). A lot of the time I will be checking Facebook. When I am not socializing on the computer, phone, or with colleagues I am usually eating, what some may call rabbit food. Don’t worry its not really rabbit food just the occasional carrot or kiwi. So my days may seem a little unproductive considering all the phone conversations with US universities, colleges, and high schools, marketing via social media, planning for education fairs, or even an occasionally filling the role as teacher to international students. Thought I was just screwing around the whole day didn't you?

AIEF Max Joaquin
Max (left ) & Joaquin (right)
I am not the only one having all the fun. My teammate and partner in crime is Cris Tsai. She is the Marketing Coordinator here at AIEF. If you are reading this right now you can thank her for making sure the magazine got into your hands. She is the head of the UScampus Guide magazine, and it wouldn't get published without her. She is a very efficient person. She gets the same amount of work I get done in half the time. However, I do catch her on the internet a lot. Come to think of it she is one the internet all the time. I guess I should thank her for that because she is actually doing extensive research for UScampus Guide as well as researching anything the AIEF team may need. Cris can do a little of everything whether its conversing with universities, utilizing social media, or compiling and editing a magazine. When it comes down to it she is an invaluable teammate.
AIEF Manager Sophia
Next up is Sophia Lou, our amazing Office Manager. Another name for her, a very fitting name, jack of all trades and a master of all! Sophia has been with the AIEF family for over a decade. She is the gears that keep this train running. I wouldn’t say she is quite the social butterfly as me and Cris because she always seems to be hiding in the back corner of the office. Well, to be fair she is actually in her very own well deserved corner office. She is often working on something with numbers, a lot of numbers. Sophia can also be spotted working on presentations for the boss, sorting through and balancing finances (more numbers), or working with the parents of students we care for. Then again she may be out of the office for a day working with the international students themselves.   Maybe now you get my point about the whole jack of all trades thing. Simply put AIEF would not be AIEF without her.
AIEF CEO Joaquin
AIEF Team Joaquin
The AIEF family is lead by a fearless duo, none other than the great Joaquin Lim (CEO) and Jessica Hsieh (CFO). Joaquin is a man of many talents, whether it’s producing a knee slapping joke or sweet talking the waitress into bringing another dessert and having the restaurant pause to have everyone sing happy birthday (Yes he did that…to me). If Cris and I are social butterflies he would be a social eagle. He is the man of the hour, and for good reason. Joaquin is driven and determined in all his endeavors. His seat in the office can be empty from time to time because he goes where duty asks him and works his magic. When he is in the office he is often at his desk sweet talking the business world and making deals happen, using his iPad (or at least trying to figure it out), or up and about encouraging the team and sharing his wisdom.

AIEF CFO Jessica
Jessica is our other intrepid leader. Let’s put it this way, if Sophia is the gears, Jessica is the engine…and gas…and steering wheel. Jessica is often found at her desk doing what bosses do. Quite frequently very important things, like figuring out who is dating Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son (this was an actual conversation the office had).  When she is not rummaging through the latest celebrity gossip she can be found working on some of the less important matters, such as executing any of AIEF’s financial matters or determining the future strategy of the organization. She and I actually have a special bond too. We really enjoy our rabbit food aka fruits and veggies, and often swap our knowledge of plant inspired sustenance. With all fun aside Jessica is an integral part to everything here at AIEF and provides an amazing foundation for all of our success.

I guess you can say we have a little fun here at the office. Everyone contributes to the team with our finer points. We have a good time here at AIEF, and work a little bit too just as any good family should.

By Max Frederick

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